The Synthesis Experience

Synthesis is leading a movement to transform the way people approach emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being, through safe and legal psilocybin experiences. 

Our retreat model represents a fusion of modern science, therapeutic modalities, and wisdom-traditions proven to catalyze deep psychological wellness and, meaningful change.


Scientific Benefits


We have strategically partnered with Imperial College Psychedelic Research Group to contribute to the emergence of psychedelic science and ensure that our programs are as effective and scientifically informed as possible.


Our discoveries

Whilst each experience is unique, these are our profound results:

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Increase in wellbeing

Our participants go from below the national average of wellbeing to above the average. A 10% increase.

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Reduction in depression

Depressive symptoms remained lowered by 42.4%.* [Such as insomnia, rumination, sad mood, low energy, difficulty with concentration, and fluctuations in appetite.]
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Greater connectedness 

The degree of connection that each participant experienced to themselves, others, and the wider world, more than doubled after Synthesis, an increase of 118%.

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Reduction of anxiety

The degree of fear and stress reported by participants decreased by and remained lowered by 13.8%.


What can you expect?

  • Peak experiences

  • Release suppressed feelings (both positive & negative)

  • Experiences of intense, all-encompassing love and bliss

  • Remembering meaningful memories

  • Synesthesia — experience your senses anew

  • Challenging and confronting visions

  • Intellectual epiphanies

  • Self-acceptance and compassion

  • Heightened states of creativity

  • Processing childhood experiences

  • Mystical states of consciousness

  • Overcoming destructive attachments

  • Deep and lasting sense of connection


*While there are no guarantees as to what kind of journey you will have - these are the most-commonly known types of psychedelic experiences.


Your Journey

More than just a bunch of mushrooms. We will guide you through our use we carefully designed psilocybin journey to experience the full potential of psychedelics. Lying down comfortably with your eyes gently covered, we will provide you with the best way to consume the psilocybin truffles to minimize nausea, letting yourself be guided through an amazing sound experience, knowing you are safe and supported.



  • Individual Health Screening

  • In-depth Exploration Call

  • Group Preparation


  • Private 1:1 Coaching

  • Carefully Designed Set & Setting*

  • Meditation & Breathwork

  • Ceremonial Psilocybin Experiences

  • Educational Workshops 


  • Group Integration

  • Access to Additional Programs

  • Private Inner Circle Membership

  • Post-ritual screening


The Lighthouse:
A House of Well Being

Located in a quiet seaside village just minutes outside of Amsterdam, The Lighthouse is beautifully hundred year old renovated church. Created with love, it is hard to explain the magic of the space, it really has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Each guest is welcomed to their private apartment with access to soothing gardens all around the property, plenty of private and communal spaces for you to explore on your journey, and of course, our sauna, and private yoga space.

Our in house chef prepares delicious, healthy vegan meals and caters to any special dietary needs that are guests may have.