Watch this 4 minute video to get a sense for the experiences of people who have attended Synthesis in the past.


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"I wanted to share some thoughts after attending the Synthesis Retreat Sunday to Tuesday this last week. I'm back in my day-to-day life and I wanted to send you some words of gratitude for all the guidance, conversation, care and knowledge you shared with the group. It was a fantastic group of inspiring people and I find myself missing you and the group already.

Over the last few days since our ceremony I've had some of the best conversations I've had with colleagues and friends in years. The ceremony and where it took me, it helped me get focus on how I think about my life and profession. I find that it was also key to sorting out the challenges I brought into the ceremony as intentions, but they seemed so trivial when I approached them in my journey. I find myself thinking about them with a different perspective now and it makes all the difference. So to me this was a life changing, before and after thing. Like it is for a lot of people I guess, but I will never forget you guys and my first journey into the unknown with you as the best co-pilots one could ever have.

I am definitely interested in future Synthesis experiences and I find myself thinking about what people I know who deserves this kind of experience and such a great chance to better their life.

You are doing important work and you are changing the world to be a better place. I'm grateful for the chance to be part of it and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs all around"

Axel, 42 Designer, Norway.

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"Hi guys, just wanted to commend and thank you all for an amazing retreat. The care and attention to each and every person and every detail was very thorough. This is probably the best facilitation and framework for this type of experience I've encountered. I see Synthesis becoming the go-to retreat for the initiation and exploration of the psychedelic experience in the near future and would love to be a part of that process."

Brandon, 38, Functional Medicine Practitioner, USA

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"Thank you again (to each of you) for organising such an amazing event and making it so rewarding for me and the other participants.

You guys made this possible... by your energy and compassion,  by your intelligence, experience and humour... and by how you brought the group together skillfully and created an environment that helped everyone open up to one another.

On the flight from Amsterdam I found myself looking out the window at the landscape with renewed curiosity.

And on the train from Geneva while listening to music I was basking in the afterglow as the scenery went by.

It was quite special to feel so connected with (and to have so much fun and laughter with) a group of people (all with different backgrounds and stories) in just a couple of short days. Everyone in the group really appreciated the opportunity to talk about psychedelics and bio-hacking with kindred spirits who share this unique and special interest."

Raphael, 43, Entrepreneur, Switzerland.

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"It was very intense while I was going through it. I felt very emotional and compassionate for my loved ones as I thought of them I cried for each loved one and loved them all the more. I really appreciated the retreat it was beautiful and spiritual. I felt like I let out a so much emotion and now I can take stress easier because I have more room for it. I also still feel the beautiful compassionate love that I experienced and spend more time thinking about how my interactions affect others. I thought the team were also very good and sincere and I would like to thank them again.

I learned that people are so important and how we treat each person matters. It also matters that we are present and in the moment. I struggled to let go of alcohol and now it was so effortless because I have no interest in it and am very happy. It is kind of weird but great. I love that, because I feel healthier and much happier.

I am very impressed by the use of my own personal shift especially with alcohol and also lack of anxiety or depression. I am happy and feel very secure. If this can do this for me what can it do for others and what is going on...it’s very interesting. I am very fascinated by its potential to relieve stress and build emotional fortitude when one shifts their opinion of themselves. I feel so much for others and am much more open with people and friendly. I feel healthier."

Mary, 59, Speech Language Pathologist, USA.

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"I feel that I made one of the best decisions of my life by deciding to attend the Synthesis retreat. My life has improved on numerous fronts and I have adopted new practices (e.g., daily meditation and free-flow writing) to sustain my new outlook on life.

I have learned that my ego, itself, is not a bad thing and that I need to have the same compassion for it that I have for other people. I have also learned to live in the present moment and embrace life as it comes to me.

In addition to gaining profound clarity on the self-betterment intentions I brought with me to the retreat, the bonds and relationships that I built with everyone else there were some of the strongest I have ever felt – an unexpected dividend of this experience."

Jon, 27, USA.


"Ever since I had my first psychedelic experience and became aware of the profound impact it can have on the human consciousness, I became really interested in exploring the human consciousness landscape and potential. I have traveled to different parts of the world and exposed myself to different ways and traditions people across history have developed to experience this aspect of human reality. I’ve witnessed people healing old and deep trauma, people getting insights into aspects of their existence that made them better human beings, and people having what can only be described as mystical experiences, experiences that many religions have initially been based upon.

There are many places, ways and traditions to have such experiences, usually in ceremonies specific to particular cultures, charged with specific culture context and practices that may not always resonate with the western way of what would be a safe and comfortable set and setting.

What the Synthesis team has managed to create in the specific retreat format, set and setting, is by far the best environment for interested westerners to have access and benefit from the psychedelic experience, in such a way to have the best possible outcome.

The focus on each and every participant, the safe and comfortable environment, the one on one and group conversations with the retreat team, something that often is lacking from other retreat formats, provide the best possible integration process, something really important for first time explorers and even for the more experienced ones.

The focus on education and even the scientific research involved in creating the experience is what makes it even more valuable.

I recommend Synthesis with great confidence to everyone interested in exploring this incredible and even unthinkable experience, in the best possible format, especially for people who are interested in having it for the first time, but also for more experienced ones who are looking to benefit from an environment focused on the best possible set and setting."

Alex, 37, Romania