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Our Journey Together

Expansion begins three weeks in advance of the actual retreat, with weekly preparation calls with your group and facilitators. During the 5-day retreat, we build a foundation in contemplative practice. Every day we begin and end with meditation. 

The first ceremony is a new experience we call “immersion”, which consists of a medium-high dose to fully arrive at the venue and explore your own consciousness on psilocybin in the different spaces of our venue.

The second one is a high dose with a unique soundscape collaboratively designed with one of the world’s experts on consciousness, mysticism, and resonance.

When we listen to specifically designed sound, we can go into a transcendental state where we lose awareness of the self, or we become that which we’re observing, and we no longer are aware of the observer. We become the sound that we’re listening to.
— Alexandre Tannous

To prepare you for this 7 hour sound journey, this retreat is supported by a multitude of additional practice to invite you in the optimal state of body-mind. Every day we begin and end with a meditation practice. Additionally, there are three breathwork sessions, as well as three 1:1 coaching sessions, and full access to our wellness area. 

After your retreat, you will reunite with your retreat co-travellers online where we will focus on the integration of these expanded states of consciousness. Together, we will engage in guided interactive practices and teachings, explore the groups questions and challenges as you move back into your social spaces, from the personal to the professional our integration workshops will deepen and expand the unique key insights of your psychedelic experience.

Why 7 Weeks?

7-weeks might sound like a big commitment, and in many ways it is - a commitment to yourself. 

However, we appreciate the busy nature of your life and this program is not intended to add to your already pressing schedule. If you are unable to make the calls, for any reason, we will send you the recordings and exercises so you can do them at a time that suits you.

One of the reasons Synthesis is so in demand by professionals is to reduce stress in their lives and help to set a more relaxed pace.

With this in mind, we have designed the pre-and post-retreat experience to easily fit into your life through weekly mastermind calls with your fellow travelers.

The 7-week program makes the most of this larger window of plasticity to grow your presence, self-acceptance, focus, and expand your range of states of consciousness in your daily life.

Expansion is designed for you if:

  • You are truly committed to creating lasting change in your life

  • You would like to learn how to integrate contemplative practices like meditation and breathwork into your daily life

  • You are interested in forging deep and meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals 

  • You are new to psychedelics (we specifically recommend this program for first-time travellers)

  • Have experience with psychedelics and are ready to access deeper insight and transformation through immersive work