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Synthesis Application Form



Synthesis Retreat is the world’s first retreat designed specifically to help professionals solve challenges and improve overall well-being through safe, intentional and legal sessions using psilocybin truffles. 

Formed in September 2017, Synthesis leverages decades of research and best practices to help individuals from across the world have psychedelic experiences that assist them in sparking creativity and unlocking heightened levels of personal and professional insight. 

Full Disclosure: Despite the exciting potential for the clinical use of psychedelics, Synthesis is not a retreat for people looking to experience psychedelics to treat a specific clinical condition. By going through the application process, you accept that there is no clinical motivation for your participation.

Dates: Please see website or continue for available dates 
Location: Amsterdam
Price: 1500 euros for 3-day retreat; 3500 euros for 7-day retreat (excluding VAT)