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About Synthesis



Martijn Schirp

Speaking and writing on the value of different states of consciousness, Martijn Schirp’s work on microdosing and psychedelics has been featured on LiveScience, MOTHERBOARD, and NBC NewYork. Having studied interdisciplinary science and philosophy, he is able to integrate the latest scientific research to optimize for the best subjective experiences.


Martijn helped organize the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research 2016, the third international scientific conference on research into psychedelics organised by the OPEN Foundation, an Amsterdam based non-profit, of which he has been a volunteer for over two years.

Martijn first reached out to psychedelics when he was in search of new perspectives and clarity to reorient his life. Finding out that living in a world of game-theory, profit maximization, and body language didn’t serve him any longer, he decided at 21 years old to leave behind the life of a professional poker player and study different ways to fulfill human actualization instead.


For the last 8 years, his journey of discovery brought him to living in Buddhist monasteries and with the Secoya tribe in the Amazon, helping individuals through difficult psychedelic experiences at PsyCare and as a sitter in ceremonies, and building a large online community at the intersection of science, philosophy, and spirituality at HighExistence.com. With Synthesis he aims to make psychedelic tools accessible in a safe, legal, and wider context.


Paul Austin

Paul Austin is this generation’s leader for utilizing micro and moderate doses of psychedelics for personal and professional development.

With talks on microdosing psychedelics at The Next Web and Tech Open Air, and features in Rolling Stone and Business Insider, Paul has helped to propel the narrative around integrating psychedelics into the public workplace.

Because of his early psychedelic experiences, Paul developed the courage to break away from specific cultural norms and explore new ways of living.

His path led to the development of The Third Wave, our generation’s leading authority on the utilization of psychedelics, in both micro and moderate doses.

By utilizing moderate doses of psychedelics, Paul learned the creative value in going beyond the individual self and exploring altered states of consciousness.

In committing to this weekend with Paul, you’re committing to initiating lasting change and transformation in your personal and professional life.

With his expertise in utilizing psychedelics for leadership development and creativity, this is an exclusive opportunity to work with one of our generation’s leading experts in directing the exploration of altered states towards productive means.

As an added bonus, by enrolling in this retreat, you will get access to Paul’s network of experts, business owners, and leaders.



Tessa van de Ven

In her day job as a travel guide, Tessa takes travelers on extra ordinary journeys in the Brazilian rainforest. Her travel programs are designed for those interested in the cultural and ritual context of psychedelic substances sourced from the Amazon.

Psychedelics entered her world when she wanted to break free from self-limiting beliefs and sought out for knowledge about the nature of the mind and the concept of consciousness expansion through plant-human interactions.

For the few past years, her journey of self-exploration has led her towards the indigenous homelands of Amazonian tribes, ancient and modern types of psychedelics rituals, and topic related conferences that shed light on current scientific knowledge.

Tessa has experience as a sitter and space holder in ceremonies with different psychoactive substances and advocates for safe and intentional rituals with skilled guides to safely assist travelers through expansive states of consciousness.

Her work is currently focused on how to weave indigenous wisdom traditions and modern research results into guiding principles for psychedelic experiences and the journey of integrating insightful experiences.